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Gyeongmin Go Server Programmer
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Backend Development

I have experience in many projects. I don’t care about languages. I can handle C#, Java, Scala, C, C++, Go, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby and etc.

Also, I used to work several frameworks, Spring(2 years), Play(1 year), and Akka(1 year), Ruby on Rails(3 years).

I like funtional programming approach, and I can solve the problem wihout caring day and night related to them.

More specifically, I can make server with Scala and Play framework or Akka framework. Also I can make a pipeline on Spark. Recently, I developed one of my work with Kotlin + Springframework. I can handle data, not only textual things but also images. Last year, I developed map tile server.

I always persuit reliable and fastest server programmer.

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Work Experiences

  • Defense System Software Developer

    Satrec Initiative

    September 2016 - March 2018

    Satrec Initiative is Satelite company. And the title, defense system software developer requires to develop defense system software.
    Usually, they develop with C#, WPF, MS-SQL, since Korea relies on Windows.
    Also, for the company project, 3D virtual globe development, I took in charge of prototyping map tile server.
    I choosed Hadoop as storage, and Spark as data manipulation tool. And since spark is based on Scala, I choosed languages as Scala, and for HTTP or distributed system, Akka Framework.

  • Server Programmer

    Kakao Corp. in South Korea

    April 2018 - Now

    I am currently working at search server middle layer developer.
    To provide a new service, I usually integrate APIs which are spreaded in company.
    Sometimes, I develop my own API to support them.
    In this area, I should be able to handle many languages because the services are written for the characteristics of departments.
    Due to this characteristic, I work with Go, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript and etc.


  • Masters Degree

    Korea Academy Institute of Science and Technology

    March 2013 - August 2015

  • Ph. D student

    Korea Academy Institute of Science and Technology

    August 2015 - August 2016

    Software Engineering.
    Software Produce Line.
    Mainly interested in continuous integration, build system.
    Also interested in reusable software module development.