As a Client:

This site is FREE for use. You can post your projects and search for Freelancers for FREE on FreelancerTank.


As a Freelancer:

It is FREE to get a membership and start looking for projects that match your skillset. When you complete a project and the Client confirms your payment, 20% is deducted from your fee.



How can I get started on a project?

Freelancers can bid on a project they wish to take on at a fixed-price. Clients have the option to choose from multiple bids after reviewing each Freelancer and their credentials.

How do I pay my freelancer?

After the project is completed, Clients will need to authorize the payment by confirming that the project is completed. Clients can then securely pay freelancers using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or Stripe.

How do I receive money from a Client?

Set up a Stripe account to receive payment for projects you complete on FreelancerTank.


There are no fees for a Client to post a project. There are no fees for Freelancers to search for jobs or submit bids. However, once Freelancer completes a project and the Client authorizes payment to the Freelancer, 20% of the Freelancer’s payment will be deducted to FreelancerTank.