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0 reviews $17.00/hr 2 years experience $0 earned

Visualize 2D and 3D both in digital, analog and 3D printing. Graphic design, product design is also great. Strong at problem solving and thinking outside of the box, reaching a logical and scientific solution through research.

Branding & Design Director
0 reviews $75.00/hr 10 years experience $0 earned

“To create great designs” is not enough. A good designer has to able to articulate how their designs communicate your brand’s vision and solve practical problems to grab more clients. I own a branding firm in Silicon Valley, ARIT, and we create de...

0 reviews $30.00/hr 7 years experience $0 earned

Experienced filmmaker in terms of from the development of thr project to the completion of the project through preproduction, production and postproduction. I produce, direct, write, shoot and edit.

interview, news, report, contents work (casting, connect etc...)
0 reviews 6 years experience $0 earned

i work k-global (various country) contents company(worker), contents creator-director, artist-actor-social star etc... entertainment company-music company music A&R work, singer-actor promotion press, official company-SNS work, concert-fanmeeting...

writer, translator
0 reviews $50.00/hr 18 years experience $0 earned

Worked as reporter/writer at Korean newspaper more than 15 years. Many translating work experiences in the communication and public relations.

Photo Stylist & Creative Director
0 reviews $62.50/hr 12 years experience $0 earned

Leadership & management skills Analytical & Research skills Adobe Program Professionalism Effective communication skills Detail-Oriented Planning, organizing & time management Team Work Strong Work Ethic Flexibility & adaptability Bil...