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IT Clinical System Analyst, C (ASCP)
1 reviews $20.00/hr 10 years experience $40 earned

Salt Lake City 교육청에서 한국인 학부모들을 위해 준비한 조례 & 안내문 번역 작업 및 영문 전자장비 메뉴얼, 의학 분야 자료 번역 등 다수의 한국어 번역 경험이 있습니다. 한글로 된 책을 많이 읽고 블로그에 글을 쓰는 일이 취미입니다. 그래서 간결하고 가독성 좋은 한글 결과물을 만드는 것이 제 강점입니다. Experienced IT Clinical System Analyst is working in one of leading...

business development
0 reviews $30.00/hr 7 years experience $0 earned

worked in global insurance company in 6 years responsible in business planning, strategic planning, business development, and marketing strategy. strong in analytics, creativity, and planning skill be able to communicate in korea and english be able ...

Media director/translator
0 reviews $20.00/hr 10 years experience $0 earned

Korean-English bilingual with professional interpreting experiences. Video editing with Adobe Premier and after effects.

Immigration Paralegal/Korean Interpreter
0 reviews $100.00/hr 5 years experience $0 earned

Immigration paralegal experience 1 year Korean interpreter experience 5 years SAT/ACT prep 3 years Non-profit organization management 3 years

Freelancer Interpreter
0 reviews $40.00/hr 9 years experience $0 earned

Growing up in Germany as a korean helped me a lot to cultivate both cultures.I majored in Psychology from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. During my college year, I freelanced as an Interpreter in Korean- German-Englis...