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IT Clinical System Analyst, C (ASCP)
1 reviews $20.00/hr 10 years experience $40 earned

Salt Lake City 교육청에서 한국인 학부모들을 위해 준비한 조례 & 안내문 번역 작업 및 영문 전자장비 메뉴얼, 의학 분야 자료 번역 등 다수의 한국어 번역 경험이 있습니다. 한글로 된 책을 많이 읽고 블로그에 글을 쓰는 일이 취미입니다. 그래서 간결하고 가독성 좋은 한글 결과물을 만드는 것이 제 강점입니다. Experienced IT Clinical System Analyst is working in one of leading...

0 reviews $17.00/hr 2 years experience $0 earned

Visualize 2D and 3D both in digital, analog and 3D printing. Graphic design, product design is also great. Strong at problem solving and thinking outside of the box, reaching a logical and scientific solution through research.

Graphic Designer
0 reviews $25.00/hr 5 years experience $0 earned

Evan Choi Graphic Designer I am 33 years old and skilled in the use of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D MAX and Sketchup with several years’ experience on a creating posters, flyers, business cards and web site design. At my last company, I learned...

product designer
0 reviews $40.00/hr 3 years experience $0 earned

I am a Professional 3D Modeling Artist having strong experiencein the fields of product Modeling & Visualization.

3d model 인테리어,조감도,외부,내부투시도
0 reviews $10.00/hr 1 years experience $0 earned

빠르고 정확인 일처리 친절하게 대응합니다 아직 1년차라 모르는것도 많지만 믿고 맡겨주신다면 열심히 하겠습니다

3D Freelancer
0 reviews $10.00/hr 2 years experience $0 earned

use program : sketchup, vray, photoshop, illust, revit, 3ds max

CG generalist, Videographer, Graphic Designer
0 reviews $20.00/hr 5 years experience $0 earned

I am a CG generalist, compositor, videographer, motion graphic designer, & visual artist.I studied visual effects, 3D animation, motion graphics, film&video, and contemporary art. I have worked in design studios, TV stations, film productions...

Senior 3D Designer
0 reviews $25.00/hr 10 years experience $0 earned

Senior Graphic Design Specialist with 10+ years of experience in the management of the complete design process, from conceptualization to delivery.Skilled with Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator),3Ds Max, Vray Engine, Corona ...

Architecture Designer
0 reviews 2 years experience $0 earned

I am good at Auto Cad, Rhino, Illustrator and photoshop

Visual Creator
0 reviews $20.00/hr 2 years experience $0 earned

I’m the person who enjoys challenges and have creative ideas. Throughout my academic career and city development projects, I developed proven qualitative and collaborative approach skills. Also, visually creating in videos or designs are such a glamo...

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