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  • Edrick Ee

    Digital Marketing

    0 reviews 2 years experience $25.00/hr $0 earned

    We are team of digital Marketing.

    We specify ourself as video maker.

    We mainly create informational animation video for companies.

    But we also work on regular filming & editing as well.

    Along with the video, we do digital marketing & website building for clients.

  • park mihee

    package design

    0 reviews 4 years experience $25.00/hr $0 earned

    저는패키지 디자인 전문 디자이너입니다 .사진에디팅도합니다(여러분야,온라인쇼핑몰에들어가는사진에디팅/수정도하구요).로고디자인,브로슈어,플라이어,이벤트싸인디자인/그림.디자인과사진에디팅이들어가있는모든분야프리렌스가능합니다.연락주세요~ 감사합니다

  • Yoon Jang

    (베이비시터) 아기 홈 케어

    0 reviews 0 years experience $0 earned

    밝고 쾌적한 환경에서 사랑과 정성으로 제 아이처럼

    아기를 돌봐드립니다.

    믿고 맡길 수 있는 곳이니 안심하시고

    언제든 상담을 원하시면 연락 주세요~ ^^

    대상: 신생아~11개월

  • Sung Choi

    Graphic Designer

    0 reviews 5 years experience $18.00/hr $0 earned

    Want a Simple and Unique Design?

    NO COPY!  Creative Design Only! 

  • ThuTrang T Nguyen

    Case Briefs, Writing, Researching

    0 reviews 2 years experience $20.00/hr $0 earned

    I am proactive and initiative to be response-able for behavior, results, and growth. For example, if my projects are not attainable, that is a product of my decision of making wrongdoing, not of my circumstances on performance. For so doing, if I am response-able for such an attainable goal, respectively, I mentally and physically envision my goal of both short/long-term and focus time and energy on things that can be controlled. For effective time management, I execute the most important-…

  • Kyuri Yum


    0 reviews 1 year experience $10.00/hr $0 earned

    Undergrad student in California, United States with an International Business Administration major and Spanish. Korean to English translation specialized. 

  • Yenifer Ubiera

    Photo Stylist & Creative Director

    0 reviews 12 years experience $62.50/hr $0 earned

    Leadership & management skills Analytical & Research skills Adobe Program

    Professionalism Effective communication skills Detail-Oriented

    Planning, organizing & time management Team Work Strong Work Ethic

    Flexibility & adaptability Bilingual (Spanish& English) Positive Attitude

    Problem solving Microsoft Office suite Dedication & Responsibility

  • Bella Song

    Miss Song

    0 reviews 5 years experience $50.00/hr $0 earned

    I am a Chinese native speaker. I could either teach Chinese or translate between Chinese and English due to my high level English proficiency. I had the experience of studying in the UK, thus I could do some academic writing. I used to take part in the English movie dubbing contest and won the second price out of 60 teams. I would really like to do dubbing as well.

  • Eileen Choi


    0 reviews 1 year experience $18.00/hr $0 earned

     Moving to the United States at a young age, I was responsible for interpreting and translating documents in English for my family and church member. 



  • Ruby Yang


    0 reviews 4 years experience $10.00/hr $0 earned

    I am good at data visualization, schedule management. A quick learner.

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