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Hedy Lee Korean interpreter
0 reviews 6 years experience United States
$120.00 /hr $0.00 earned

Professional Experiences:

 Government interpretation for US, South Korean government agencies

 Legal interpretation and research in federal, state courts and law firms

Business interpretation for profit, non-profit companies

Healthcare interpretation in hospitals, mental health facilities, and patients’ homes

Social service interpretation in social service departments and health insurance agencies

 Educational interpretation in private, public schools

Telephone interpretation in various settings


      Completed 30 credit hours in Korean Translation at University of Maryland

Graduated from College of William and Mary

 Passed the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLTP)

 Passed the Virginia state court interpretation written exam

Passed the Maryland state court language proficiency test

 Completed the Virginia court interpretation orientations and training

Completed the 40-hour course in Professional Medical and Community Interpretation

 Feel free to contact me at (757) 645-8588 or email to




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